Table Talk

What a Summer

Hello my dear readers. I know it's been some time since I've taken time to post to you, but life has been hectic, and at the end of hectic, I had no desire to write. Some people, like my mother for instance, were better at dealing with writers block than I am. I'm the type… Continue reading What a Summer

Table Talk

What Are your Go-To Holiday Meals?

After Easter, I got to thinking, what are some traditional meals you and your families have for the holidays? I know that some food traditions are based upon culture, while others are based upon comfort foods passed down through the years. Since I come from a family where we didn't have truly specific holiday foods,… Continue reading What Are your Go-To Holiday Meals?


Baked Broccoli and Baked Red Hot Cauliflower

I'm a big vegetable eater. I've loved vegetables since I was a kid and have always been pretty open to retrying things that I didn't like years ago. For instance, I've never liked cauliflower. Didn't like it steamed, didn't like it raw with ranch dip, didn't like it with cheese sauce. Just didn't like it.… Continue reading Baked Broccoli and Baked Red Hot Cauliflower