Table Talk

Only a Little Grumble

So, I had this genius plan that I would make a few blog pages with titles on ‘things to do’, and then schedule them to post in certain increments so that I would be reminded, each time I looked at my page, that I have things coming up and I better get to cooking. While it’s a great idea and really puts the pressure on, at other times I just grumble at it, like today.

I woke up with a headache or neckache. I’m not sure which since they kind of feed off each other, and my doorbell ringing at 8:30 am. Who rings the doorbell at 8:30?! Turns out it was someone who saw my somewhat long grass in the yard and wanted to know if I wanted it mowed. Of course, I wanted it mowed, but I don’t have money to pay someone and the mower I own has gone belly up. Naturally I didn’t tell him this, but I just smiled, which might have been a little scary as I had dressed in the dark, in my ‘fat clothes’ and wandered out to answer the door, half my hair sticking out from the braid and my eyes squinting against the light filtering in through the glass of the secondary door. I thanked him and said no, because in my mind, I’ll get it done on my own clock.

And yes, before you ask, that picture is me, in my ‘fat clothes’, looking like a hot mess, making a grumpy face. ‘Kathryn, why do you share such photos of yourself on the internet?’ Because, let’s face it. We don’t all get dressed up to cook. We don’t do our hair and make up to go throw some sweet potatoes in the oven. We don’t all wake up looking fantastic. In fact, I never wake up looking my best. I want this blog to be real in the sense that yes, I often cook in my fat clothes. I don’t have a super awesome big kitchen with all the latest gadgets and marble counter tops and what not. I’m just an average, mostly normal every day person.

I then closed the door, did my bathroom routine and did the aimless zombie shuffle through the house looking for the Advil. Ugh… my right eyeball, at any moment, is going to shoot out of its socket. Advil found, taken, water drank and… sweet potatoes in the oven because, thanks to that scheduled thing of wanting to get some stuff out before Thanksgiving and my overambitious mind telling me ‘Sure! You can cook something every day for this blog!”, I have decided to do Sweet Potato Pie.

Don’t get me wrong, dear foodies. I love cooking. I love eating. I just don’t love being disturbed from my slumber in such a manner, feeling the way I feel right now, and then feeling obligated to stay awake rather than collapse face first into my bed, swearing off daylight. But!… *holds up the Eurekah finger*

I will prevail and you will enjoy…….right after this headache goes away.


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