Table Talk

Welcome to 2018

Happy New Year to you all and welcome to 2018! I know it’s been a while since I posted but holidays and family and other things have kept me from focusing on writing to you. Does this mean I don’t appreciate you? Not at all! In fact… I already have a few recipes to share with you. One of them being Salisbury Steak.. yum! Potato Soup, this one made with fresh potatoes, not the left over ones, and Pecan Pie! Just so you guys know, I’m not really into pecan pies that have a bunch of jelly between the pie shells and the pecans on top, so this one is special. You’ll have to go take a peek to find out why as soon as it’s on the board. I’m going to have the first one, (which will remain a surprise), up on Tuesday, which is what I’m going to officially call… TASTY TUESDAY! That’s right.. every TASTY TUESDAY, I’m going to put up a new recipe as long as life doesn’t jump in and keep me away. Otherwise I might have to make up another name for another day..(Well Seasoned Wednesday, Titillating Thursday, Foodie Friday.. and so on). But I promise.. promise to try to get something up here each week so that you can prepare something delicious to share with friends and family or at least have something read about and laugh about. That’s right.. I do provide comedic relief too!

What I did want to mention is,  you will notice some links to ingredients and items that I recommend or use around the house. As you know, living in a small town, sometimes we just can’t find what we need (or want) at our local Walmart. Really.. Walmart is all I have to choose from when it comes to finding things to bake with at least when it comes to the ‘tools’ department. I have no shame in admitting that I am a proud Amazon Prime member (this means you get free shipping on a TON of things that get delivered right to your door), and have been for many years. This enables me to find the things I want in my kitchen, like those coveted Silpat Premium Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mats that I have been eyeballing and have yet to actually buy. Darn it! Why can’t I be rich so I can have a fully stocked, bakers dream kitchen?!? Why!? Anyway, being an Amazon Prime member, I get to order the baking things I want when I have a little extra pocket money, not to mention getting some of the ingredients and household goods I want, such as paper towels in bulk or some extract that I can’t find, delivered right to my door and way more often than not, for cheaper than what I can get in this small town. Sometimes I might talk about things I use or want or recommend, and as we all know, pictures help. So don’t be afraid to go and have a peek at what I’m showing you. Watkin’s extracts are totally my go to for extracts as they are made with great ingredients and don’t have a bunch of fussy extra stuff in them. While I can find 90% of them at amazon, I can find others I’ve never even heard of online.

So.. with that said, I welcome you to 2018 and hope that you and I, together, have a happy, prosperous New Year and some fantastic, delicious, awesome food moments that we can share together with families and friends!



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