Table Talk

Catching Up!

So the last two weeks have been hectic to say the least. Preparing a long abused bedroom (the handiwork of a teenage boy), into a guest room suitable for human habitation has taken up a large part of my time, and then having family visit over the weekend, and THEN dealing with this back problem I’ve had for almost a year. It seems never ending, the things that just.. crowd into your life and say “No, look here…you’re going to give your attention to me!” Oh yeah and, I’ve changed computers twice in the last month which is quite a trial, moving all your documents AND pictures, but rest easy! I have my pictures for blogs waiting to be posted as well as having taken some new pictures for things more recently cooked.

While the bedroom is done, the company has gone home.. my back is still killing me! So, now I go on the hunt for a chiropractor that takes my insurance though I have deeply contemplated going to the doctor instead simply because I don’t know if I really believe that its a chiropractic issue, though I HOPE that it is!

This weekend I intend to post some of the wonderful things we’ve cooked in the house. I just ask my readers for patience. I know you’re waiting, and believe me, I can’t wait to share with you what’s been cooking in the kitchen! Totally amazing and I hope to see your input and comments and love to the food!



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