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A Plague Upon My House

That’s right, folks. The Plague (aka the Flu) has descended upon my household. The teenager has tested positive and the day after I started getting ‘head cold’ symptoms. I HOPE that it is just a head cold with me considering I had been seen the week before and tested for the flu and found out I was negative. Thank the good Lord for that!

So, anyway, the plague upon my household has prevented me from doing food blogging this weekend. I mean, who wants to cook when it could be contaminated and you risk the next zombie apocalypse just because you want a nice spinach risotto??  Not to mention, when you’re ill, your brain just doesn’t work as well as you want it to. Talking is hard enough to muster, even in text, but coming up with creative ways to crop your photos and describe your cooking technique? Forget it! It’s not going to happen because your body has taken your brain on a nice little siesta somewhere else and meeting the bare requirements of breathing and walking are about all it checks in to do.

As most of us know or have heard, caffeine and smoking makes a head cold last longer because it messes with all that sinus stuff in your head. While I don’t smoke, I do enjoy my caffeine, but let me tell you, I found this tea that is pretty amazing tasting since I’ve been on a peppermint kick since around Christmas. Caffeine free, do it up with some honey and a little drop of cream (I’m using powdered creamer so it won’t make me more yucky), and its like a little hug, not only for your poor sore throat, but to your congested chest and your broken, flu infested soul. Twining’s Pure Peppermint Herbal Tea. I mean, this stuff is so good that, combined with my morning Thrive Shake (which by the way is an amazing thing), I’m considering TRYING (mind you, I said ‘trying’) to cut out any drinks with sugar in it. Yes, I know my powdered creamer has sugar in it, but once I’m not ill, I’m totally fine using the full fattening, buttery CREAM instead! Hah! So, I highly recommend this tea to anyone who likes tea, who needs it in their life when they’re sick or even not sick, or who just likes peppermint. It’s amazing! And yes, that is my big girl Tinkerbell cup.

In conclusion, I’m sorry to my readers to whom I promised some food this weekend. Right now, I have pencils propping up my eyelids which, by the way, feel like they are covering sand coated bowling balls, and my cat is taking dictation and typing. Soon as we’re all better and my brain can function once more, I’ll have the kitty post a memo that we’re back to food!

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