Table Talk

What Are your Go-To Holiday Meals?

After Easter, I got to thinking, what are some traditional meals you and your families have for the holidays? I know that some food traditions are based upon culture, while others are based upon comfort foods passed down through the years. Since I come from a family where we didn’t have truly specific holiday foods, we basically cooked what we wanted/looked forward to, save for Thanksgiving where we have turkey and the fixings.

This Easter, I decided to smoke a brisket because I had smoked one before, using mesquite wood chips, and it was amazing and I was craving it again. But I don’t have a traditional food for Easter, or even one for Christmas. So, what I want to do is hear about your holiday go-to foods, what holiday they’re from or who started the tradition. I’d even love a recipe and, if I can, I’d like to recreate your favorite to share with here.

So….ready, set, GO! Holiday favorites/traditions! Tell me about them and while you think on it, admire my brisket picture!

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