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May is Blooming..and So Are My Allergies!

Congratulations on making it to May where the weather is supposed to be more like the warmer days of spring with the whisper of summer to follow. In the desert here, it’s still cold at night and in the early mornings, but by mid day, you wished the temperature was about 10 degrees less than it is because it gets pretty darn warm and we’re not even into the hotter time of the year yet.

I haven’t been around much because I was taking some me time to do the life thing, of which includes having my first experience with an allergist.

Since I was about 4 or so, I’ve had the worst allergies. Hives when going outside, sneezing, eyes swollen shut…just a miserable experience all around when it came to expressing my love to nature. But I was definitely a tom boy and definitely an outside person and, even though I knew it’d make me sick, I spent a majority of my childhood outside. I use to have teachers calling my mother from school saying “She’s sleeping again!” after my daily dose of allergy medicine at school.

It wasn’t until I was much older, about 24, that I received my first ‘allergy shot’ which was Kenalog. And for the first time in my life, I knew what it was like to live without allergies. I got one once a year around September, which was usually my worst time for suffering from allergies, and this happened for a few years until my doctor retired. It was then that I discovered how difficult it was, in this small town, to find a doctor who would give you an allergy shot. I was told to use various allergy medications and nose sprays and steam baths and eye drops, but they did nothing. I didn’t want to treat symptoms, I simply didn’t want to have symptoms all together. Finding someone to give me an allergy shot was impossible and I actually had a span of about 5 years between my last allergy shot and finally getting an allergy shot.

Well, I finally found a doctor who wants to run the tests I need, not only for allergies but other issues I have been having, and who gave me an allergy shot. But along with that came the suggestion I see an allergist.

To those of you who have had allergy testing, it’s not pleasant. You get injected, just beneath the skin, several times (I think my grand total count was just over 127), and then they let you sit there and fester and itch and burn to see which ones you react to. Nothing more miserable than being injected with various ragweeds when you know you’re practically allergic to Mother Nature.

Anyway, I found out I have allergic reactions to a few things I eat often, one of them being PEPPER! Hah, well I knew it, in a sense, because as soon as I take the pepper shaker out of the cabinet and season my food, I sneeze like it’s no ones business. And… I’m also supposedly allergic to almonds and a few other things like my five cats I have around the house. Oh boy…. so now I’m supposed to ‘just stop eating and being around’ everything I’m allergic to. Excuse me.. let me lock myself in the basement never to see daylight again! Sorry.. I know I should probably avoid pepper and almonds, but pepper is something I put in every food I cook… and I really do like those sriracha barbecue almonds on OCCASION. If I have to cut out everything I enjoy (especially since I don’t eat melon fruits of any kind and very, very ,very rarely eat bananas as it is), then I might as well stop enjoying life all together. I think it’s more of.. what are you willing to suffer for the things you enjoy. Sorry folks.. I’m not tossing my babies (aka cats) out into the big outdoors because they might be causing some allergic reaction I’m not aware of. (They don’t make me sneeze or cough or itch or twitch, so I’m not sure what the secret reaction is).

So.. this has been my life for the last month; working, doctors appointments, household tasks, which most of us know, seem to eat up our time.  I might do ten things a day, such as laundry, litter box cleaning, dishes, etc etc, and then sit down at the computer and watch and episode or two of a TV show, then I get back up, do more stuff, sit down, rinse and repeat. And I swear… when I look at Steph and I’m like “I’m tired, I’ve been going all day.” She gives me a look because I think her translation of ‘being busy’ means never having the chance to sit down for a little bit. Either way you look at it.. I’m always busy. If I didn’t work, I’d still have life to deal with which means laundry, cooking, shopping, cleaning, paying bills, dishes, yard work (yup, still do that even though I’m allergic to life), and a variety of other menial things. So a day off isn’t even a day off because I am the type of person who can’t stand to let things get too far out of hand.

If you’re a stay at home wife or mother.. let me give you some sound advice, don’t ever let someone tell you that, just because you don’t have a job in the workforce society, or even just because you work part time, that you are ‘so lucky because you get to be at home’. Because I’ll tell you what…yes, being home is nice, because you make your own schedule, however, most of your household will have no idea what you do every day unless you simply stop doing it. Go head.. let the dishes grow until arms and legs sprout and they start tap dancing on the counter top. Don’t do laundry… let the kid wear the same outfit to school for the next two weeks or let that clothes hamper fester into some putrid mess. Don’t grocery shop… who needs food, right? Completely overrated. Not to mention toilet paper…we’re not doing laundry any more anyway!

My point is, your contribution might not be monetary and you might be able to set your own schedule, but you have the longest work hours in the house. You don’t get to come home, sit down and relax. Once the work day is over, you don’t get to simply sit down on the sofa and be like ‘I’ve done my part outside of the home, and now I am required to do nothing.’ People who are stay at home mothers/wives are the busiest people because LIFE outside of their own little personal bubble will continue to happen from the moment they wake up until the very moment they go to bed (and sometimes even after they go to bed when the child wakes them up for a glass of water, or a nightmare, or they’re sick).

So, if you’re someone who is a stay at home anything, give yourself a pat on the back, because you are the foundation for the house of life for your family. And if you’re the working partner of a stay at home-er, who thinks the day is over when you step back into the house from the office, give your loved ones more credit by making them truly feel appreciated and valued!

Okay…now that’s the end of my philosophies for the day. If I weren’t sniveling, sneezing, and didn’t have eyeballs that felt like dirt encrusted bowling bowls stuck in their sockets, I’d talk more about food because I’d feel like cooking more rather than finding something in the frozen section, which, in this small town, is very limited! Thank you all for being dedicated followers of my blog. It means the world to me!

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