Table Talk

What a Summer

Hello my dear readers. I know it’s been some time since I’ve taken time to post to you, but life has been hectic, and at the end of hectic, I had no desire to write. Some people, like my mother for instance, were better at dealing with writers block than I am. I’m the type of person who has to walk away from it until I’m ready to come back. My mother, on the other hand, when she was writing books, she’d sit there at her computer for hours, sometimes overnight, working through it. I suppose my tenacity comes out elsewhere.

Things have been busy here. I finally found a good doctor to go to who will answer my questions and see that I get what I need in regards to those dreaded allergies as well as general health tests to keep me on top of the game. That was basically driving, every week, to a doctor a few hours away to deal with something.

The hardest part of the summer, aside from being lazy at some times and incredibly busy at others, was my father getting sick. He’s always had some health issues, but just last Sunday he took an instant turn for the worst and is currently in the ICU in a town a couple hours away while we try to figure out what’s going on. I’ve only been in this position once before with someone I loved, and it’s so mentally taxing. You’re tired all the time, even when you sleep, if you sleep. You feel old in your body. It makes it hard to function until you remind yourself, ‘Hey, the sun is going to continue to rise and set so things must get done.’ I think that’s what keeps me going in a somewhat productive manner. The sun isn’t going to stop so I can catch my breath!

In other news, Steph and I decided to try the Keto diet a couple months ago. Though, we weren’t nearly as dedicated as some of these people who can just hop on a diet band wagon and never cheat. We called it pseudo Keto. And… doing pseudo Keto, I of course was unable to really enjoy cooking. Everything on the plate was so.. beige and white and blah thanks to cauliflower, chicken and some type sauce, usually a cheese sauce. Don’t get me wrong. Some things are tasty. Some things, not so tasty. You sure do miss your grains and your rice and your bread or anything with flour or corn. Yeah, I’ve had a hell of a time thickening anything up without cornstarch or flour. I still haven’t figured it out and yes… to those of you who are wondering. I still cheat.

See! I admit it out there in the open! I cheat. But what REALLY gets me is, usually when I cheat, Steph cheats. And considering how much better we’ve been eating on this pseudo Keto, you’d think, man you gotta be losing some weight. Well guess what.. she lost 20 pounds. I lost 0. That includes a three day diet of purging and liquids for a scope procedure I was to have done. Not ONE SINGLE POUND! Pardon my french, but at that moment, when I hadn’t even lost HALF a pound, I was like to hell with this. Yes, I can see eating better makes you feel better, and it really does! But I’m also a firm believer that you need your whole grains, and your nuts, and yes, sometimes your breads and your rices, etc. Keto is all about eating fats. And frankly, if I eat all this cheese, cream cheese, etc, and have no grains. I’ll never poop again! YES I WENT THERE!

So, now that I’ve done my little rant on dieting and joyless food, and you know that I’ve been far to busy, and yes, some lazy, to write to you, I do hope you’ll be forgiving of me! And believe it or not, I actually have recipes that are in my cache, waiting to blossom on this page and I hope to get them out to you soon when I have a more stable schedule and a more stable drive to be productive.

Until then… HAPPY COOKING!

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